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Get your skin glazing with green beauty products.

Balancing Skin Duo



Worth Ksh 15,850 if bought separately, saving you Ksh 850
Better together.
Crimson Beauty & Natura Detox Oil work in synergy together to create a PH and microbiome balancing treatment for those with oily/ acne/ unbalanced and blemish-prone skin types.
This duo will last you up to 3 months if used morning and night.
Set includes a 50ml Crimson Beauty & 30ml Natura Detox Oil.

After cleansing with Halo & Natura Detox Foam Spritz your skin with Rain and then use 2 pumps of Crimson Beauty and ONLY 3 drops of Natura Detox Oil. Mix in the palm of your hand to create a micro-emulsion and apply to face and neck in upwards massage movements, taking in a deep grounding breathe.


Crimson Beauty contains 2 green biotech actives (Quora Noni & Arabian Cotton) to help instantly balance your skin’s PH & Microbiome. Creating a beautiful skin harmony effect.

Natural Detox Oil contains NINI’s most potent herbal infusion of Lavender, Neem, Gotu Kola, Nettle Leaf, Burdock Root & Red Clover to help deeply soothe and balance irritated skin. Linoleic rich oils feed your skins lipids with super regulating EFA’s.

When you blend the two powerful green beauty products together you create a truly incredible skincare treatment. The grounding aroma will also have your senses singing with joy.


ALL especially Acne/ Hormonal/ Unbalanced/ Teenage/ Oily


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