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About Us

Fuelled By Passion For Quality Natural Skincare & Beauty

Green Glaze was founded from my intense passion for natural beauty. My journey started a few years ago when my skin got extremely sensitive and developed acne. Dermatologists’ recommendations would only clear my acne for a period of time after which they’d be back worse than before  and eventually got a hyper sensitive skin. I was frustrated and did a thorough research on maintaining skin health. I adapted a healthy diet and also read on the chemicals and fillers that were found in conventional skincare products. I expanded my knowledge on natural skincare by enrolling in the Formula Botanica Organic Skincare certificate program and along the way found many amazing brands from abroad.

The desire and need to get these renowned international green beauty brands in Kenya founded Green Glaze Beauty.We offer carefully vetted,  high quality skincare and beauty products that are natural, effective and cruelty free. We are very keen on the ingredients and their quality. We also aim to educate our customers on the overall skin health tips and provide the best service whenever possible.



Ivy Kibandi – Hourmont Foundation



Guided by the intention of setting up a future generation with better mental health, our foundation is set to build a world-class transition home for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya that will not only provide basic needs but also give them a true family environment with psychological, emotional, environmental and financial sustainability and stability.


Our mission is to nurture, inspire, uplift, empower and educate children. To give them sense of belonging, positive attention and consistent reassurance which will help them create their best life equipped with rock-solid confidence and grit.


Green Glaze Beauty will donate a percentage of every product sold to this noble cause. We are presently not able to accept donations until our foundation is fully registered after which your support will be appreciated and help facilitate a stable family environment for children in need.