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My Story

After facing a great deal of skin issues and trying out so many suggested solutions to no avail, I decided to research intensively and search for the root cause of my skin problems. Everything skincare became my passion and that was the beginning of my learning and healing.

During that period, I was appalled by the number of people, both men and women, who just like me, were desperately looking for answers and trying out anything and everything they could lay their hands on. No one would really understand how bad skin can affect you until you go through it. Not forgetting the money spent in the search for THE solution.

Green Glaze Beauty will break it all down.. from using food, herbs and supplements as medicine, to the root causes and deficiencies behind your skincare problems, reviewing effective natural skincare products and ingredients in the Green Beauty Industry, natural DIYs and various skin tips and tricks.I am a skincare and health enthusiast, an investigator, a researcher and an advocate for solving the issue instead of covering it up.

Let’s achieve the skin glazed look together. Feel free to drop your opinion and additional information. We never stop learning.

Healthy skin is always in.

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